Friday, May 27, 2011

Our Save the Date Picture Fridge Magnet

Hey friends! I started doing our Save the Date Photo Magnets the other night. I was able to make 15 photomagnets in one sitting and I'm planning to save the rest for Jay when he comes here next week. Haha!

In this project, I used:

1. Magnetic Sheet (photo in the upper left below) - you can find this at Daiso. This costs 2 SGD per sheet.

2. Scissors (upper right)

3. Paper cutter  (lower left)- you can buy this at any school supply shops like the POPular bookstore from 19 SGD and above.

4. Glossy Photo Sticker (lower right) - you can avail this item from POPular bookstore or any office and school supply store. This will cost you around 17 SGD for 20 sheets

5. Printer

Magnetic sheet, Scissors, Paper Cutter and Glossy Photo Paper/Sticker

1. Using MS Word Software, layout the Save the Date Design according the the size you want. In my case I used 10 cm x 6 cm. With this size, an A4 size paper can contain up to 8 images.

Printed Save the Date Design

2. Using the cutter, cut the sticker and the magnetic sheet. For my design, 1 magnetic sheet can produce 5 smaller sheets.

3.Peel off the sticker and magnetic sheet and carefully adhere them.

4. Use the scissors to trim the photo magnet to the desired shape. Then you're done! ^_^

Photomagnet for male guests
Photo Magnet for the female guests

Our photo magnets on the fridge

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