Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Supplier's Rating: Atty. Raymond Fortun (Photographer)


5 wands - Exceeds expectation
4 wands - Partially met expectation
3 wands - met expectation
2 wands - needs improvement
1 wand  - we regret that we got their service

Price Tag: Php 55,000.00 (Regular Price: Php 64,000.00 - Year 2010 Rate)

Package Inclusion:

Main Photography service (3 photographers, free use of 2500ANSI LCD projector and 5x5 whitescreen)
Prenup within Metro Manila
Prenup AVP
11x14 40-page Crystal book wedding album
"Fusion" onsite presentation
2 Parents' Album

Kate Says:


5++++++++ WANDS
Highly recommended

Atty. Fortun is my non negotiable and I was happy that we had the chance to work with him and his team.

Before the wedding:

My previous blog about him:

RF is the fastest person to reply on my queries among our wedding suppliers. He sees to it that he would reply within 24 hours after I sent him an email. He was also soo patient with my queries.

On the wedding day:

His team arrived at the hotel 30 minutes earlier than the agreed schedule. He and his team were full of energy. He's got so many creative juices. He taught me how to pose like a royalty. LOL. ako ang napagod sa kanya haha! My entourage and our relatives who were at hotel also enjoyed the photo shoot  during the preps :P

RF was also very strict with time, and he spoke with authority, which was good because it made us aware of it. Hindi kami nagcram-everybody was already made up an hour before the ceremony and none of the entourage was late. Yey!

I also find him and his team very humble. RF is famous but never demanded for a V.I.P. treatment. He didn't mind kahit dumapa dapa sya as long as he gets the angle that he wanted. And since we can no longer afford to include our suppliers to the headcount for the guest meals, we just ordered crew meal from CCME and he was more than enthusiastic para kainin yun. It was really a bliss working with them.

I remember the photoshoot during the preps at the hotel he told me to chin up and act like a princess and look at the people who were at the hotel like a commoner so I could get the right pose. And "commoner" became the word of the day. LOL.

Our Prenup AVP and Onsite Fusion Presentation

Ohhh we love them both! Few days before the wedding RF asked me to send him the songs for the prenup avp and fusion presentation. I just sent him the titles and he downloaded them by himself. I really appreciated it because I already had no time to do the downloading. I was actually worried na iba yung song na gamitin nya, I understand that he was also busy and baka wala na din syang time mag download so I prepared myself na pwedeng hindi yung gusto kong song ang ma-play. But surprise! =)

our onsite fusion :

our prenup AVP:

After a week we already received the copy of the photos. And they were all great! It literally took me 2 days and gave me a migraine in browsing them all and choosing which ones to upload in facebook. It was soo stressful really, especially that I wanted to upload all the 7,000++ images! And speaking of it, up until now I am still not able to choose 200 photos for the album layout. Sorry RF.. :(

our wedding photos in RF's facebook:

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