Friday, December 9, 2011

This should have been my thank you speech ^_^

Hi Dearies! <3

It's been 22 days since our wedding and until now i'm still on a cloud nine! Everything went perfectly beautiful, i loved it being so solemn and intimate, it was the best wedding ever (read: i'm being bias on this part..tee hee)!

During my thank you speech i was not really able to thank everyone. I realized that what i said was just a plain ten-second-thank-you-for-coming-super-general speech. And I believe that I should have done better. So with this, I want to make up and thank those people who worked offcam, tossing the wedding to a great satisfaction.

-to my Great God, who never failed me, for bringing the perfect weather and for being the overall wedding supervisor. :)

-to my doting mama for blessing me to get married and who had been so excited for the wedding so she could finally have grandkids and for being my coordinator in Quirino. And! for her dramatic speech that made me and my relatives cry. Love you ma!

-to my mom-in-law, nanay Linda, for going beyond the wedding details on my checklist. I was the most OC person when it comes to our wedding until she entered the picture. LOL. She's been sooo helpful especially during the last few days of the preps.

-to my father-in-law, tatay Bong, for assisting us in completing the paper requirements. Life is made easier when dad-in-law happens to work in Manila city hall. hee hee!

-to ate Chelle for her patience in following me and ate Juvy (of Disenyo Pandi) up on my wedding gown and ento gowns (it wasn't easy, mind you), for inscribing the personalized stamp on the table napkin and for designing our candles. Thanks ate! :) 

-to ate Kaye for walking me through the wedding preparation steps during the early days of the preps, for her idea on how the table napkin should be folded and for taking me to wensha 2 days before the wedding. I really badly and seriously needed it!

-once again, to all our suppliers for the job well done. All of them were outstanding! :) Im currently cooking the suppliers rating and will be served on my next blog :)

-to our ninong and ninang, for gladly accepting our 'will you be our second parents' invitation.

-to our entourage  and to the parents of our little kids, for their willing heart to accomodate our requests, Hazel (the best MOH ever!), Tintin, Maui, Mona, Pau, Ae Ae, Rome, Ted, Vinchi, Eli, Boss Ferdie,My brother Ronron, Robin, Buddy Boribs, RJ, Ryan, Shem, Milson, my little bro CJ, Daena, Dorothy, My baby Lyca and Zafi.

-to Hazel Mae, siz Mau, Mona, Leslie, Tintin, Marvin (Jay's friend), Tito Robert, Tita Grace and Lola for finding their way to fly back to Philippines just for the wedding.

-to siz Maui, for sponsoring the lights and sounds (thanks siz, because of you we were able to get Rejectkrew, the W@W Best Supplier for year 2010..muaaah!) , to sis Tintin for the couple bears and for acting as RF's backup photographer (LOL!), to Leslie for helping me out to cut the invitations.

-to tita Grace and ate Sarj for sharing me their ideas and for patiently listening to my excitements and rants.

-to Bishop Ronaldo Bonus for all the prayers, assistance and encouragements, to Pastora Quincy for the wisdom during the counseling, and to Pastor Alex for officiating the ceremony.

-to my caregroup for the surprise bridal shower and for praying with us. Wedding preparations is sooo stressful, but I always felt refreshed after the Bible study.

-to our Ninong, Kuya Joseph, for sponsoring our super scenic accomodation in Bora. God bless you more kuya! :p

-to w@w group, especially to my w@wie friends, who kept reminding me to let go and let God. They've been so supportive, thoughtful and encouraging. Thank you Lord for this group.

-to my officemates and team mates in CSC who have been so kind and understanding - I was given lighter tasks when i got sick due to stress. hehe.

-to our relatives who travelled all the way from Baguio, Laguna, Bulacan and Quirino province just to witness our wedding. Thank you soo much!

-to Ted for accompanying Jay, for fulfilling some special requests and for being our 'errand runner'. Hehe.

-to Ate Marie for helping us find HMUA for the ento. They all looked gorgeous! :)

-to Vinchi and Hazel for their speech and for being 'sport' during the garter game. heehee!

-to Jay's relatives in US for giving their gift in advance which covered the car rental and food expenses during the distribution of the invites and half of the payment for the gowns.

-To Marrah who became my coordinator in Bulacan. Thanks girl!

-To sis Anna (and John) of w@w for the door hangers and for creating our cartoon image, to sis Cathy for the monogram that was used for photobooth layout, and to sis Aleng for her step by step instruction on DIY invitation.

-to Mommy Mercy and Daddy Joven for asking Bishop Bonus to be our wedding officiant in our behalf and for offering their house to Jay's parents and relatives during the post wedding party in my home town and to uncle Leo for running away from work just to be able to send me at the altar. I've always been so blessed and thankful that they are my papa's siblings.

-to all those who prayed,messaged, texted, emailed and called..thank you guys!

-I also want to thank Bes Kwini, I know she's been soo sad (we're sad too!*crying face*) because she wasn't able to witness how her bestfriends had exchanged their wedding vows, but we know that she was there in spirit. Don't be sad bes, sa wedding mo kumpleto tayo, promise! <3

-to our relatives, friends, Jay's officemates and team mates, and to all of those who made an effort to dress up and attend our wedding, thank you sooo much, it was even  more significant and memorable night for us because of your presence.



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