Monday, December 12, 2011

Wow, Mali!

1. I dyed my hair a month before the wedding here in Singapore. It was my first time to do hair colouring, I just really did it for wedding's sake. But what made it off beam? Because only the upper portion of my hair absorbed the light brown colour while 3/4 of my hair became brown-black. Imagine my horror when I saw the result, it was really awful. Para akong napatakan ng kalawang sa tuktok ng ulo ko. I had to wait for a week to have my hair fixed so it could 'rest' from the dye chemicals. I went to Tony and Jackey in SM San Lazaro when I flew back to Philippines to have it repaired. I shelled out 3000 php for this. Money mistake. :(

Lesson Learned:
a. If it is your first time to dye your hair, use a dye that is close to your current hair color so it won't be noticeable if it didn't go well, just to be safe.

b. I don't suggest doing a hair dye few days before the wedding, allot enough time for 'repair'. Just in case.

2. I underwent to facial treatment 3 days before the wedding. I asked the attendant not to 'prick' too much but my plea was ignored. :-x Come Sunday there were still red spots all over my face and a big pimple on my chin. Good thing my HMUA, Tin Galolo was able to conceal it. I still looked pretty. Hee hee!

Lesson Learned: 
Get a facial at least 2 weeks (or three!) before the wedding, not 3 days.

3. After a Wensha staff painted my nails 2 days before the wedding, I still did some DIYs (wrapping the gifts and packing them). Mom in-law told me not to help anymore as it could ruin my nail polish, kaso masyado akong pabibo. I ended up going to a parlor in SM Manila before we checked in to G-Hotel the following day. After my appointment at the parlor I went to the supermarket to buy some snacks for the guests/suppliers na pupunta sa hotel. Ayun, nasira ulit yung polish. :( I know i know, I was clumsy :( But I was blessed to have a mom who knows how to paint nails, she woke up 6am to get my nails done, and they were perfect!

Lessons Learned:
a. My mom painted my nails better. Serious! I should have saved few hundreds for the honeymoon if I waited for my mom to arrive. (She came from the province pa kasi)
b. Listen to your mom-in-law. Wag masyadong pa-bibo. Hehe.

4. I only slept an hour the night before the wedding day. My electrons and neurons got too excited and nervous at the same time so I wasn't able to sleep. Good thing I did not faint.

Lesson Learned:
Don't be too excited.  Hmmm..yeah, that's not possible haha! but try to get some sleep the night before the wedding.

5. During the pictorial Jay used dad-in-law's barong tagalog. He just realized he grabbed the wrong one when FIL went looking for it after the pictorials of his accessories were done. Talk about excitement.

Lesson Learned:
 Don't be too excited. Try to sleep the night before the wedding.

6. Since the projector  and white screen was included in the package we availed with RF, we did not hire a projector and white screen supplier anymore. RF told us beforehand that we should bring a laptop because it is not inclusive in the package (he'll be using his laptop for Onsite AVP Editing) but we forgot my laptop at the hotel causing the flashback AVP (which I had worked on for 2 days) and the slideshow of the lyrics for the praise and worship created by Ellen not shown. :( I also forgot to tell my coordinator about it. My fault. :(

Lesson Learned:
Assign someone in your family to take charge of the items that will be used in the reception aside from your OTD, believe me, di mo na maaalala lahat ng details sa wedding day itself.

7.We forgot the safety pins for the garter game. Aubrey, the coordinator assigned to me, was asking me the items for the game when she arrived but the room was too crowded already tapos kalat kalat na yung mga gamit kaya di ko na mahanap kung saan ko nalagay. Sabi ko mamaya ko nalang hahanapin until nakalimutan ko na.hmf! Fortunately Ellen has a 'back up' enjoy pa din.

Lesson Learned:
Wag makalat sa gamit.Much better kung lalagyan ng label yung bawat item then place it somewhere na hindi magagalaw pag madami nang tao sa preparation area.

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