Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wedding Preparation Guide

My aunt (tita Grace) sent me a spreadsheet containing the list of to do's prior to the wedding day itself. I find it really helpful so I am posting it here to help other bride-to-be's as well.

Happy preps! =)

  1. Announce your engagement
  2. Decide on a date
  3. Decide on time of ceremony and reception
  4. Go over the budget
  5. Pick the ceremony site
  6. Determine number of guests and draw up a guest list with fiancé
  7. Choose and reserve the  reception site
  8. Book a hotel room for wedding day (suggestion: h2b stay at the same hotel for coverage of his prep)
  9. Select ceremony officiant and check his availability (if not supplied by church)
  10. Draw a list of primary sponsors and check their availability
  11. Choose members of the wedding entourage
  12. Finalize members of the entourage and principal sponsors
  13. Select mass readers and program hosts (emcees)
  14. Formally inform all Principal sponsors and wedding entourage
  15. Decide on color motif and wedding theme
  16. Make honeymoon reservations
  17. Canvass all prospective suppliers
  18. Book a designer and finalize wedding gown and entourage attire and schedule fittings
  19. Book supplier for grooms attire and male entourage (if own supplied) and schedule for fitting
  20. Book photographer and videographer
  21. Book make up artist
  22. Decide on gown design and supplier
  23. Decide on entourage attire and designer
  24. Have every participant measured and schedule for intital fitting
  25. Hire events stylist/florist
  26. Hire on the day wedding coordinator
  27. Book the musicians, sound system supplier and singers.
  28. Finalize cake design and supplier
  29. Decide on wedding favors and book supplier
  30. Scout and book bridal car supplier
  31. Finalize and book all special suppliers (like confetti, fireworks, etc)
  32. Decide on design and order the wedding invitations
  33. Choose and order wedding bands and have them engraved
  34. Make a directory of all pertinent persons and suppliers and keep it handy
  35. Complete all church requirements
  36. Schedule couples seminar 
  37. Do an ocular of church and reception with Stylist and Coordinator (if needed)
  38. Take sample copy of missalette to Officiant for approval
  39. Complete the guest list with contact numbers and name to address in envelopes
  40. Start Delivery of Invitations
  41. Do bridal registry
  42. Have bridal/groom fitting and wedding party and schedule for adjustments
  43. Schedule Prenup pictorial
  44. Do a hair and makeup run-through (with headpiece) on day of prenup pictorial
  45. Print missalette
  46. Have missalette stapled, cut and embossed
  47. Buy/Order gifts for principal sponsors and wedding entourage
  48. Arrange final fittings for bride and entourage
  49. Break in bridal shoes ( this is important)
  50. Finalize all songs to be played at church and reception
  51. Inform Musician and coordinator of your song selections
  52. Finalize ceremony plans and reception program
  53. Prepare technical script and program flow with coordinator
  54. Have dry run with Reception hosts
  55. Finalize reception set up and layout details
  56. Order wines for toasting and arrange alcoholic drinks to be served (if own supplied)
  57. Turn over all suppliers details to coordinator
  58. RSVP guests
  59. Puzzle time: Do the seating for the reception
  60. Make sure all wedding favors (principal, entourage, guest) are complete and ready for turnover to coordinator
  61. Prepare all necessary items for ceremony and reception
  62. Get final trim and color for hair
  63. Get teeth cleaning
  64. Prepare table cards for VIPs
  65. Finalize seating arrangement
  66. Prepare registry cards (if assigned seating)
  67. Delegate duties and responsibilities to friends and family needed for the wedding
  68. Make sure wedding outfit and accessories is complete and done and scheduled for delivery
  69. Attend bridal shower
  70. Give the food provider the final head count and discuss final arrangements.
  71. Confirm details with all suppliers
  72. Write all check payable to all suppliers for their balance for turnover to coordinator
  73. Place fees for tips for the Big Day fort turnover to coordinator
  74. Finalize everything again with Coordinator for Ceremony and Reception Program
  75. Get relaxation and body treatments
  76. Prepare all things to be brought to the hotel and emergency kit

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