Sunday, May 22, 2011

Engagement Shoot with RF

It's already 6 days after the shoot and I'm still on a cloud nine. :)

Couldn't help but be grateful to all the people who worked with us behind the camera:

1. To tita Grace and Tita Lyn, for helping me find the right dress/gown, shoes and shirts.

2. To Jay's family: To Ate Kaye for the tips and for helping me prepare the clothes and accessories (with ate Raech), to Jay's mom and dad for helping us book the venue and for the last minute car-hunting, and to ate Raech who was with us during the shoot **naging alalay ko, dyahe..**

3. To Ted, Jay's friend, who became our runner and water boy. Hehe..

4, To Tin and her assistant, Rachelle, for making me beautiful during the event. Side Story: I cried over the THOR movie a night before the shoot. Jay, on my birthday had promised to take me out on a dinner and movie (Thor) date when I get back to Philippines. We really had a tight schedule, but I was still expecting and looking forward for that 'date' but he instead bought a Fast Five movie ticket. I was disappointed because everybody was talking about Thor and I felt I am 'out' because I don't have anything to share :( so I was really looking forward to watching it, and it will be even more special because I will see the movie with him..but..**sighs** So I cried..haha! Anyway he tried to make up after the pictorial but we needed to wait about 2 hours for the next showing. I was already tired then so I suggested after getting myself gratified at timezone's coin dozer that we just go home. Anyway he gave me a foot massage until I fall to sleep.. sweet!

Okay let's go back, haha! My eyes was really puffy when I woke up and I wanted to cry again because I was sure that I won't look good in the photos but Tin was able to make magic and make eye bags disappear. I really love my look! And I love her! She was really a heaven sent! =) She even stayed for about an hour during the pictorial and did some retouch on my makeup.

5. To kuya Ed, RF's assistant/lightman..contrary to RF, I never heard kuya Ed's voice..hehehe..

6. To the expert himself, Atty. Raymond Fortun. He really made us comfortable during the shoot. His energy is infectious.He was also so humble and very down-to-earth,  notwithstanding his profile. He has to shoot under the scorching heat of the sun but I never heard any complaint or grumblings from him. He also has a lot of brilliant ideas, resulting to great outputs. Thank you soooo much attorney, I so love all the photos! =)

7. To the Lord, for giving us the strength and endurance, for blessing us with such great team and for ironing out the last minute glitches. It wouldn't have been successful without Him. ALL THE GLORY BELONG TO HIM! :)

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