Monday, May 21, 2012

Supplier's Rating: Ellen Celis-Timbol (Emcee)





5 wands - Exceeds expectation
4 wands - Partially met expectation
3 wands - met expectation
2 wands - needs improvement
1 wand  - we regret that we got their service

Price Tag: Php 4,000.00 (2011 Rate)


5++++++++ WANDS
Highly recommended

After her wedding, Ellen started offering her services for wedding hosting.  We're so blessed for  having her around during our big day.

Before the wedding:

My previous blog about her:

We finally met Ellen few days before the wedding to discuss about the program flow and have some chitchats. We have stuffs in common (we are w@wies, Ate Sarj is our common friend and we share the same faith) that's why we jived instantly - It was the first time I met her but there was no need to start the engine, it felt like we are already old friends.

During the wedding: 

Ellen came on the venue on time (or she might have come earlier, I was only sure that she was already there before the ceremony started, anyway I will post about her being a wedding singer on my next blog. :D ).

Before the reception Jay was doubtful our godparents will dance for the grand entrance, but surprisingly everybody gave in to Ellen's witty plea and they all participated! :D The rest of the guests were also cheering for the entourage as they bop towards the stage then into their own tables. Awwwww... we love her to bits!!! <3

Look at the photos below! :)