Saturday, January 29, 2011

Look at what I just bought!

A canon all-in-one (print/scan/copy) photo printer from courts (an IT store here in SG) and a paper trimmer from Popular bookstore.
I'm so excited to start my DIY projects! As of this writing I'm almost done with my Will You be Cards. I'll post about it later, my body is already crying for sleep. =)

By the way the paper trimmer costs 19 SGD (around 600 php, depending on the current exchange rate. Hehehe!) while I bought the printer on sale at 119 SGD. The printer also comes with free gifts - a 20 dollar takashimaya voucher and an OTO spot massager (Jay will definitely love this item!) but I have yet to redeem them in Funan maybe before I go to church. Definitely a steal!

Happy sunday friends! =)

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