Saturday, December 18, 2010

I said YES

The courtship stage is a bit different from others - there were no bouquets, no chocolates, no i love yous.

The proposal was also out of ordinary. There was no formal proposal yet, but we already started the wedding preparations. LOL.

I only had 2 hours of sleep prior to my flight to Manila so straight from the airport, Jay asked me to take a rest.

I could barely sleep, but I was so tired so I just closed my eyes and waited for my forty winks.

I could hear Jay roaming around the room and he kept on making sounds so I decided to open my eyes and check what's making him occupied. Then I just saw him down on his knees, holding a ring and asking me to marry him.

Though I was already expecting a proposal, what I felt was way way beyond what I had expected - and it was much much better. Much better.

I was a natural cry baby but that moment, I did not cry. I was just giggling while hugging him.

After few minutes I reached for my luggage and got his present, gave it to him and answered, 'yes, I'll marry you'.

Okay okay, after that I shed a tear. :)

Will you marry me?

Yes, I'll marry you

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