Friday, November 19, 2010

Jay's Announcement =)

We've been preparing for our wedding for few weeks already and we wanted it to be as discreet as possible - at least until the formal announcement to our families, which we intended to reveal when I get back in December.

But Jay took the wind out of my sail when he asked me to go downstairs because we'll be announcing to his family that we're getting married. I was busy packing my things for my 4 o'clock departure when he entered the room. I actually didn't have time to inhale and exhale, at least to calm myself, nor ask him 'ha, are you sure?!'

When we went down I saw them (except for Ate Chelle) already waiting for us. I was really nervous and I almost wanted to push myself to having a forced heart attack! But I tried to suppress the panic/nervous/wanting-to-pee feeling. I wanted to scold Jay for just grabbing me out and never giving me chance to prepare. Nakakakaba pala talaga!

We waited for Ate Raechelle for few minutes. When everybody was already seated Jay started to talk by stating 'Ahm magpapakasal na kami..'

And tete-a-tete went smoothly.

I was just relieved from being uneasy when I heard his parents giving their blessing to us. I am thankful that the conversation went well and they were okay with our plans.

God is good!

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