Friday, November 12, 2010

Photographer - Checked!

stacie and pupphin looked good with the bagtags =)
When Jay told me he's going to propose when I get back to Philippines  (this was supposed to be a surprise, leh!  )  I became excited that I began to search for possible list of suppliers already. But let me justify, I've been a lurker (sometimes active ) in Girltalk for few hundred years already and I would sometimes flick through the Engagements & Weddings section of the forum. I observed that most of them were preparing a year or two ahead. That's why I insisted to Jay that I should start preparing if we plan for a 2011 wedding.
But long before the proposal confession, I had already one supplier in mind - Raymond Fortun. Does it ring a bell? Yes, he's the famous and the high profile lawyer. He was one of Erap's lawyers during his impeachment trial. And he became my bestfriend Hazel's crush (way back in our highschool sophomore years). I actually admired him too. He seemed to be so intellectual (well, he really is!) and I liked the way he handled the fiasco - I mean that time almost everybody hated him - nah not him, people's fury for Erap was at least extended to him. But I later on learned when I was leafing through his site that he was actually a Cory Aquino's die-hard supporter.
When I joined the weddings at work group I was thrilled when I found out that he was voted and awarded the 'Best Supplier of the Year' for year 2009. Just wondrin' where did this guy got such incredible knacks. I also wanna go there and get some! haha!
Knowing such kind of achievement, I became hesitant to throw him an email regarding his photography rates. I of course expected that we wouldn't afford him. But I really adored his works and was even fancying that I am one of those bride-to-be's on his site. So I emailed him.
He replied after few hours. His rates are quite pricey, but pretty much reasonable. But I was surprised that it was lower than I have expected (see, there's no harm in asking!). And what delighted me was he's giving a special discount (a whopping 9k discount!) for reservations made during the bridal fair (last Otcober 15 - 17 at SM Megamall). So I straight away asked Jay to go to the fair and pay the reservation fee. Of course as what I've expected he turned down the 'going to a wedding fair' idea. But I explained that we could get huge discounts if we'll book all our wedding suppliers during wedding fairs. In the end I was triumphant. I sooo love my fiance! =)
Jay was also handed with 2 bagtags (one for me and one for him) with the words written 'I am an RF bride/groom'. He was the very first supplier that we booked. We haven't personally met him yet (Jay paid the reservation fee to his teammate) but we're very much sure we are in good hands. ^^

Jay's tag
My bagtag!

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