Monday, March 7, 2011

Our Bible

Last night I went to Mount Zion Christian Bookstore in Tampines to check for pink Bible.

But originally tita Grace and I agreed to check the christian bookstore near her office where she bought her deep pink Bible. But due to work-related stuffs I wasn't able to get out of the office early so I decided to just take lunch with my colleague and check the store the following day. But I remembered when tita told me there is also a christian bookstore in Tampines so on my way home last night I decided to drop by and check.

The bookstore is located at level 4 in Century Square Mall. Upon entering I eagerly located the Bible section and I was surprised to see a pink princess Bible! I gulped when I saw the price tag at the back of the book. It costs 46.5 SGD (around 1300 - 1500 Php), which is far ahead from our budget. I also saw a cute pink Bible with a metal cover and a phrase written 'He loves me'. It is a bit more expensive from the Princess Bible (48 SGD). Between the two I was more awestruck with the former, because it is more ideal with our theme. But I was stopped by the price from purchasing it. :-(

To make up my mind, I decided to take my dinner at the food court first and told myself if there's still an urge to have it after having my stomach stuffed with food, i'll get it na. To cut it short, after 2 hours of fixing up my mind I went back to the bookstore and hastily paid the item. No regrets so far. :-)

And by the way they gave me 10% off the original price. God is good!

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