Saturday, October 8, 2011


Four years ago, we agreed to make each other a poem. Can't stop smiling whenever I read them :)

The Best You Are
By Kate

Taters, sushi, cake and ice cream
If on this piece they are not seen,
I’m sorry bes, be forgiving,
Perhaps writing about them,
I really didn’t know where to begin…

I’ve known you to be so noisy
In HSP and boothcamp training you’ve been too lazy
We used to be seatmates
You always submit your works very late

I didn’t know where it started
One time you called be your bestfriend
But still I was irritated with your noise
The hell, you’d even imitated my voice

When the training came to end,
I wished we’d still be on the same floor
So when your program had an abend,
I could hear you say:
“If this doesn’t work, I don’t think so anymore”

Maybe you’re just a natural brat
Or probably the way you act has been caused by your frat
But no matter what the reason behind is,
How you behave, surely I will always miss…

You had never let me down
Though when we chat you always make me frown
You always call me ‘norm’
Which make me say:
“Bes you’re so stubborn!”

But beyond those crazy things you do,
I still want to say ‘thank you’
You may not have an idea of what I mean,
But you will still be the best kind of friend
I’ll ever win…

I want to thank you
For the phone calls when I am sick
And for those cheerful words
When I feel weak…

I want to thank you
For protecting me from ****
And for singing me
Those I can’t understand songs…

I want to thank you
For those hands that hold
And for lending me your jacket
When I am feeling cold…

When I am afraid
And I say “no”,
Thank you for giving me courage
And pushing me to go…

The way you tease me
Makes my day tragic
But the way you make me laugh,
It will always be your magic…

I’m out of words
To tell you that I’m so glad,
I never thought
You’ll be the bestest friend I’ll ever have…

And when it’s time for me to leave,
Don’t get lonely nor feel blue
Coz in my heart I’ll always treasure you
And whatever happens,

Kate will always be here for you… (=’;’=)

To my Bestest Best Bes.
By Jay

 To a friend I once met
The bes that I also consider to be my pet

To the person I'll always consider my bes,          
Who out of pure luck defeated me in Chess.

To the person I almost drown
Though she doesn’t know I treat like a queen w/out a crown

To the person that stood by beside me,
Hope she'll be there no matter who ill be.

To my batch mate who greets me good morning,
She even greets me even when I’m sleeping.

A friend that likes to meet me in Mega mall
Not to mention she's always there when I call

The friend who reminds me to lessen the pork i eat.
Somehow ill heed, although I like eating meat.

Our relationship is genius and a norm
So much to compare that I’m the butterfly and she is the worm.

But all in all i want to say thanks for everything you’ve done
I also wanted you to know you've acted so much like my mom.

A friend that I could never hate,
a bes and her name is Kate.

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