Monday, October 3, 2011

New Member of Jay and Kate Team: Ellen Celis-Timbol

Since our OTD coordinator, Ms. Cecille Maglalang also does hosting, we initially decided to get her for our emcee as well. But last month we (90% of the decision came from me and 10% from Jay. LOL) decided to replace her as an emcee so she could fully supervise the whole wedding. I'm glad that when I emailed her she was okay with the changes.

Upon getting Jay's approval I immediately pinged Ellen and asked her if she's still available on the 20th of November. I felt relieved when she nodded, honestly she's the only emcee I had in mind since she has the most affordable rate among those hosts who are getting high recommendations in w@w. Plus I really wanted to meet her in person because she also happened to be ate Sarj's (my spiritual shepherd here in SG) close friend and according to her we have a lot of things in common.

But on the onset I was actually in touch with her since she is also a former w@wie, I would randomly ping her asking for some advice about the wedding preps and on the wedding day itself.  She is so accessible, she sees to it that she would reply to my queries no matter how busy her day is. I'm sooo excited to sip a cup of coffee while sharing ideas with her. Ayy, bawal pala sa akin ang kape. haha!

And btw, she can be a wedding singer too! :)


  1. Hi Sis,

    I can't find your rating kay Ellen as emcee in w@w. Pa help please to advise kung okay ang emcee nya.

    Thanks much,


  2. Hi Yolly! Sorry tagal ng pending ng rating ko.. yes she's super okay! :) though it's not part of her role she also acted as a coord sa wedding, :) naghelp sya para makakain yung ibang suppliers. highly recommended sya sis. i will post my suppliers rating latest by april. super hectic ngayon kasi.. =)